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 The green gala was inspired by the idea of bridging community and charities to foster a positive impact for the world and those that inhabit it. From clean water, to nature preservation, to wildlife conservation efforts, the green gala looks to create an evening that yields lasting positive green effects. 

Featured Artist

Like most things in life, the way you look at something can change how you understand it. When Tom Reese uses macro photography to look more closely at flowers and cacti than most people ever do, the photos reveal a different world. The colors on a petal, the elegant shape of a thorn—everything feels awe-inspiring and intimate when you look closely. 

In the 15 years Tom Reese has done art photography, he has also experimented with black-and-white photos, inviting viewers to look past color to focus on the shapes and details in the natural world that we overlook in daily life. Whether he’s photographing cacti, flowers, architecture, or random curiosities he comes across, his photography teases out a different perspective for viewing the world. Sometimes another angle is all we need to find a new way of understanding life.  

Event Details

An evening to remember!

Exhibition Hours
Thursday, May 11th
7 p.m. – 10 p.m.


Venue – Kaviar Los Angeles
449 S Hewitt St,
Los Angeles, CA 90013

There are several conveniently located parking structures and available street parking.


Drinks, including wine, beer, and selection of cocktails will be served throughout the duration of the evening, along with a selection of hors d’oeurves.

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